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Are there family friendly Pearl Harbor tours?

Everything about Pearl Harbor is family friendly. The deciding factor for many families is how long the kids can spend touring. Some families prefer to spend the entire day at Pearl Harbor and relax at the beach on the following day. They take the Pearl Harbor Memorial Tour to make sure they see it all.

Others opt to skip some of the sites at Pearl Harbor and focus on the main two – the USS Arizona Memorial and the Battleship Missouri on the Remember Pearl Harbor Tour.

If you are concerned that your child won’t be able to handle more than a few hours on a tour then you should choose the Pearl Harbor Excursion, which is the shortest tour.

Additional hints for family friendly Pearl Harbor tours:

  • Watch Movies about Pearl Harbor before you travel or even better, bring them on the flight with you. Tora! Tora! Tora! and Pearl Harbor are the most popular. From Here to Eternity is also a classic.
  • Read books about Pearl Harbor and World War II history before arrival. It will make your visit more enjoyable.
  • Look for Pearl Harbor Survivors at the visitor center. There are very few left, and they are not there every day, but if you are lucky you can meet one of these living heroes.
  • Be prepared to buy some souvenirs. For many, Pearl Harbor is a once in a lifetime visit. Your children will remember it for years to come with the right souvenir.

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