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What is not included in a tour of Pearl Harbor?

If you haven’t yet read What’s included in a tour of Pearl Harbor? please check that out as well. Tours of Pearl Harbor do NOT include:

  • Gratuity – All tours in Hawaii do not include gratuity unless stated otherwise. Tour guides work for tips, so please consider the effort that they put into your safety and entertainment as you depart your tour.
  • Food & Beverage – Some tours include lunch, however most do not. Be sure to check inclusions on the tour pages to see if your tour includes food and beverages.
  • Photos – At various locations throughout your tour you will have the opportunity to take a professional photo. You can purchase those photos as a souvenir. They are not included in the price of the tour. If you would like your guide to take your photo with your camera, just ask and he/she will be happy to do so.
  • Baggage storage – You should avoid bringing any bags to Pearl Harbor because they will be in storage for the the entire time and you will have to pay the storage fee. See more about Pearl Harbor Security Policies.

Please review the specific Pearl Harbor Tours to see which sites are included. Admissions to the sites are included in each Pearl Harbor Tour. Things that are included can be found on each tour page’s What’s Included section.

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