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Pearl Harbor Anniversary Timeline

November 26, 1941
Forces of the Imperial Japanese Navy embark on their way to Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941
Japan launches a devastating surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and other military installations on Oahu

December 8th, 1941
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivers his the “Date That Shall Live In Infamy” speech to Congress, asking for a declaration of war with Japan

August 6, 1945
The United States drops the world’s first atomic bomb used in warfare on the industrial city of Hiroshima

August 9, 1945
The United States drops a second atomic bomb on the important industrial seaport of Nagasaki

August 15, 1945
Emperor Hirohito surrenders in a radio address to his nation

September 2, 1945
Instrument of Surrender signed on Battleship Missouri 1950 Admiral Arthur W. Radford, commander of the United States Pacific Fleet, attaches a flag pole to the main mast of the Arizona

December 7, 1955
The Navy places the first memorial, a ten-foot- tall basalt stone and plaque, over the remains of the Arizona

March 25, 1961
Elvis Presley performs a concert to raise funds for a new Arizona Memorial

May 30, 1962
Permanent Arizona Memorial is formally dedicated

April 1, 1981
Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park opens to the public

April 15, 1998
Adm. Clary Bridge linking Kamehameha Highway to Ford Island is dedicated

January 29,1999
Battleship Missouri opens to the public

December 7, 2006
Pacific Aviation Museum opens

December 7, 2016
Events for 75th Anniversary commemoration

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