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USS Arizona Memorial Tours

All of the tours on this website include a tour of the USS Arizona Memorial . Tours differ in departure time and location, vehicle type, and which other sites they visit.

Arizona Memorial Shuttle Boat

Arizona Memorial Shuttle Boat

The Arizona Memorial program consists of a 23-minute movie about the attack, a ride on the US Navy shuttle boat to the USS Arizona Memorial, and time aboard the Memorial. This part of the tour lasts 75 minutes.

USS Arizona Memorial tours include free time at the Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Center, where you can browse the exhibits, shop in the bookstore, and walk the grounds.

Again, all Pearl Harbor Tours on this website include the Official USS Arizona Memorial Tour.

What are Official USS Arizona Memorial Tours?

Pearl Harbor is a National Monument operated by the National Park Service in conjunction with the US Navy. Official USS Arizona Memorial Tours are operated with the authorization of the National Park Service. Each tour guide must pass a background check, each vehicle must be checked, and companies must provide proof of adequate insurance and licenses.

The US Navy operates the boat to the Memorial. The Navy also conducts background checks for tour drivers going on base.

Why You Should take Official USS Arizona Memorial Tours

  • Vehicles and guides are allowed on the property. Unofficial tours drop guests off outside and they must walk.
  • Vehicles are insured.
  • Authorized tours are operated by guides who are required to obtain medical clearances and undergo regular drug screening.
  • Guides have been background checked and are eligible to work in the US and to drive commercial vehicles.
  • Official Pearl Harbor tours will not abandon you. It is common to see guests who did not take official tours waiting for a van that does not return, eventually paying extra for a taxi back.
  • Only authorized tours can drive to Ford Island, where the Battleship Missouri, Pacific Aviation Museum and USS Oklahoma Memorial are located.

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