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History of the USS Arizona Memorial

Builders first began working on the USS Arizona back in 1914.

The USS Arizona memorial is one of the most popular memorials at Pearl Harbor, attracting hundreds of curious visitors who wish the see the sunken ship. The history of the ship and the memorial, however, is so much more. Learn more about this brave battleship and the history of the USS Arizona memorial.

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WWII Battleship USS Missouri

The ‘Mighty Mo’

The Mighty Mo. The Heart of Missouri. She goes by many names, but to all, she is the Battleship Missouri. A true World War II battleship, the Missouri served from 1944 on and fought in some of the most daring sea battles in the Pacific.

>> USS Battleship Missouri

WWII Battleship USS Nevada

The Only Sunny Moment in a mostly cloudy and Dreary Morning

The lead ship of the only two “Nevadaclass” battleships at the time, the USS Nevada proved how valuable her technological upgrades were on the morning of the Pearl Harbor air raids. Triple gun turrets had been installed for unmatched offensive power.

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USS Battleship Oklahoma

How the Crew of the USS Oklahoma Fought to the end Against All Odds

On the morning of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the Oklahoma was one of three ships put out of commission after that day. Although she was overturned after eight months of work, the ship was determined to be too old and unfit for duty. The events of the air raids led to the deaths of 429 sailors on board.

>> USS Battleship Oklahoma

The USS West Virginia

When the Japanese planes came swarming down on Pearl Harbor

The USS West Virginia, also known as “Wee Vee,” was situated among the outboard ships, which ended up absorbing most of the damage as compared to inboard ships such as the USS Tennessee.

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